100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set of 6

SKU: 36188246

Type: Essential Oils
Capacity: 10ml/Bottle
Quantity: 6Pcs/Set
Flavor  and Effects:
Relax the mood, purify & appease the mind, reduce the feeling of anger and exhaustion. Can balance the central nervous system which is very helpful for removing panic and frustration. With obvious functions of calm and soothing, it improves the quality of sleep.
Relax the nerves & decompression for maintaining physical and mental pleasure. Can drive away from tension & stress and enhance vitality. In addition, stimulate appetite, help digestion and help liver detoxification.
Tea Tree:
Can minimize pores, have a very significant effect in reducing dandruff, help rule out the body
toxins and ease muscle soreness. Give you invigorating and refreshing scent. Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory action.
Can improve the circulatory system function, promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure.
Enhance the immune system and improve the digestive system function. Has the effect of
smoothing and relieving headaches and migraine.
Improve the blocking of the skin, balance oil secretion, but also ease the greasy feeling of
dandruff. Help calm emotions, make people clear-headed and concentration. Smooth mood and purify the air.
Do help to treatment to cold. Relieve migraine, remove the unpleasant smell as well as remove
1. Properties: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, calming, rejuvenating, relaxing, soothing.
2. Soothing and Calming for body and mind.
3. Great for aiding sleep and relaxation.
4. Can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, tension and nervous related difficulties.
1. Only use with diffuser and aromatherapy, can put one drop in the pillow.
2. Stored in cool place far away from the fire.
3. Not for body or face use.
4. Use one drop for 120ml of liquid.


* 6 different smells

* Can relieve the symptoms of some illnesses

* Can be used with aroma diffuser

* Great for aiding sleep and relaxation

* Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, calming, rejuvenating, relaxing, soothing.

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