Anti Gravity Case - Several models

Stick to glass, kitchen cabinets, metal, mirrors, tiles, whiteboards; basically most smooth and even surfaces.
All thanks to nano technology; each case contains tens of thousands of microscopic suction cups. This is what allows the surface to stick without being sticky.
Bovio Selfie Case comes with a sleek design, great grip as well as FLAT DROP protection (when dropped faced down).

Change the way you use your phone when:
- Getting ready for the day.
- Taking selfies. No more holding the phone.
- Capturing proper group photos. Everyone is included, always.
- Following tutorials at your gym, at home when cooking or when testing out a new make up style.
- Using google maps in your car. Drive hands free. Can stick to many car's dashboards.

FLAT & SIDE DROP TEST APPROVED thanks to it's cleaver material combination. 1 year warranty, free shipping and free returns included.
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  • Guarantee & Warranty

    Drop protection. Guarantee & Warranty

    Flat drop protection.

    1 Year warranty.

29,99 €Price
Smartphone model


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