Smartphone high quality Thermal Fleece gloves

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Impressively great quality gloves that are originally design for motorcyclist. This design uses fleece thermal technology to give your hands the warmth they need. The flexible "non-clunky" design with "Anti-slip" silicon coated on the outer palms inner for extra grip as well as touch screen sensitive finger points. In short, with great grip you can use your smartphone during the cold weather and keep your hands very comfortable and warm.


* Several colors and sizes. Use size chart!

* Super warm & comfortable.

* High quality thermal fleece designs & wind resistant. 

* "Anti-Slip" Silicon coated palms for added grip. Smartphone usage possible.

  • Size Chart

    XS: Width of palm: 7,6 - 7,8 cm. Length of Palm: 17,8 - 17,9 cm.

    S: Width of palm: 8 - 8,5 cm. Length of Palm: 18 - 19,9 cm.

    M: Width of palm: 8,6 - 9,1 cm. Length of Palm: 20 - 20,9 cm.

    L: Width of palm: 9,2 - 9,9 cm. Length of Palm: 21 - 21,5 cm.

    XL: Width of palm: 10 - 10,7 cm. Length of Palm: 21,6 - 22,1 cm.

    XXL: Width of palm: 10,8 - 11,5 cm. Length of Palm: 22,2 - 22,5 cm.

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